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Complimentary Moving Trucks

We provide our customers with complimentary moving trucks at each of our locations.  Our goal is provide an easy, stress free solution to your moving and storage needs.  

The complimentary moving truck provided by Sound Storage is just that, complimentary only requiring that you replace the fuel used during your time. It is here for customers to make the move a little bit easier. This is for new tenants move ins only. (Subjects to managers discretions)


Use of the truck is dependent on its current availability please call to verify that the truck is available when you need it.


 The requirements for the truck are:

  1. Occupant of storage unit is present to sign agreement.

  2. Valid drivers license required.  (21 years of age or older)

  3. Proof of personal auto insurance

  4. Valid credit card (For $500 duductable charge is case of accident)

  5. There will be a $25.00 cleaning fee if applicable.

  6. Fuel charges will be at $8.00 per gallon if not refueled.

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